Alex is wearing a different outfit in Part 2 now. They definitely did some re-recording today. The audio in the video sounds different too

2022.01.20 00:05 nicoledelia Alex is wearing a different outfit in Part 2 now. They definitely did some re-recording today. The audio in the video sounds different too

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2022.01.20 00:05 jugjiggler69 Failure to deliver - Pants

Alright guys so I'm just going to cut straight to the chase. Room service stole my GameStop sweatpants, and my tits are jacked. So I work for an extremely large corporation. I'm on a business trip staying in a hotel paid for by the company. This morning I changed out of my GameStop sweatpants into my work pants and left them sitting on my hotel bed for when I returned, because they're basically tbe only pants I wear outside of work.
Well I got back from work and I've torn apart my entire hotel and checked every nook and cranny and they're GONE. I know I left them on my bed before I went to work, and I have left no nook nor cranny unsearched in my quest to find my GameStop sweatpants.
So there's only 1 thing that could of happened. ROOM SERVICE STOLE MY GAMESTOP SWEATPANTS. So what am I going to do? Well many would be mad that their favorite sweatpants were stolen, but I am a simple man and I'm going to be honest my tits are jacked for a couple reasons. 1 GameStop is selling such nice sweatpants that people are literally risking their jobs to steal them, and 2 I highly suspect that hotel room service people are stealing GameStop pants to give to hedgies to cover their shorts. I've heard a lot about hedgies failing to deliver on their shorts, but this is my first time hearing of a failure to deliver on pants. How long can they keep this up? What will happen when they can't any more? Who am I asking these questions to? Do you guys think I will ever meet the woman of my dreams and have 12 kids? Do you think they'll be beautiful?
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2022.01.20 00:05 Nejinnn 400$ M4?

I have about 400-500$ to spend on an M4, maybe a commando m4 for the shorter barrel? I’m going upgrade it later down the line so build is the first priority!
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2022.01.20 00:05 Leonlalit An interesting project with great prospects! A good and confident start, a large team that is interested in the rapid and powerful development of the project. #Metaverse #Fashion #RUNfam #Runner #NFTs #AR

An interesting project with great prospects! A good and confident start, a large team that is interested in the rapid and powerful development of the project. #Metaverse #Fashion #RUNfam #Runner #NFTs #AR submitted by Leonlalit to Crypto_Talkers [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 00:05 MysticalCreatures_MC A Dragon's Birthday

The sun was barely visible through the trees when I woke up. I jumped out of bed and changed into some old clothes and took my fishing rod from the back of my closet. My mother and sister, Daphne, were both asleep. A cold breeze hit my face when I opened the front door, waking me up a bit. The entire forest was silent when I made my way down to the lake.
The water was still as if you could walk on it. I threw my fishing rod into the water and waited for a catch. Every morning, I would make my way down to the lake and catch some fishes. Today is very different than any other day, it is the first day of summer. It is also my birthday today and I turned sixteen.
In the whole forest of fairies, I’m the only dragon. I was raised by my fairy mother and dad, they had my sister Daphne two years later. My father was very sick and died when I turned ten, everyone in the family was devastated. The one thing he left me with was his journal, he had written all of his adventures and friends he met. He once told me that there are four rulers known as the Four Kingdoms and they rule the Land of Myytrieno, they are known as Fairy, Mermaid, Phoenix, and Dragon
I didn’t catch a lot of fishes, but I did have enough for breakfast for my family.
My name is Dakota and I’m different then everyone else in the Forest. The fairies have pale white skin, black eyes, and blonde hair, they have green wings, and usually wear clothes made out of leaves and flowers. I, on the other hand, look out of place, I have a brown medium tan, black hair, black eyes, my clothes aren’t made out of flowers or leaves but a special material that my mother makes. I usually wear a shirt and pants made out of deer hides.
Almost everyone was outside enjoying themselves when I got to my house. When I opened the front door, mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I placed the fishes that I caught on the table. She turned around with a huge smile and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “They look incredible, I bet that the fishes were swimming wildly, especially today?” she asked. “No they were swimming the same as always,” I replied. “Happy Birthday, I can’t believe that you are sixteen today,” she cheered, giving me another kiss on the forehead. “Can you go check if Daphne is awake?” she asked. I walked up the stairs to Daphne’s room and knocked. “Come in,” a voice said coming from the room. I opened the door and saw Daphne, sitting at a table in the corner of the room. She had the window opened, letting the sunlight come through. On the table where she was sitting, was a small plant with a mouth attached to it.
“Daphne, what kind of plant is that?” I asked confused. “I don’t know, it’s my new creation, I’m hoping that it will eat all the pest that is destroying my other plants,” she explained. The plant opened the mouth wide and quickly closed it. “I hope that it will eat all the pests, I don’t think that my other plants can take the pain anymore,” she sighed. “I don’t think that the plants really care, they can’t do anything,” I replied. “Oh no, every single plant is special in its own unique way. They produced the most oxygen that we breathe in,” she explained, walking to a flower sitting on a self. She place her ear on the leaves of it and listened. “Like this one, it is telling me that it needs water,” she said, grabbing a small watering can and watering all the plants in her room. “Now do you mind, I need to focus on my plants, it’s hard enough listening to while they are crying of thirst,” she said, pushing me out of her room. “Okay, I just came by to know if your awake or not,” I replied, only being met with a slammed door.
Daphne is very smart for her age, over the years, she has created lots of plants, but they never worked out as she planned, They end up dying in the end. Unlike other fairies of the Forest, Daphne can tell you the name of a plant that no one has ever seen before, she will then explain what the plant does.
I opened the door of my room and walked over to my bed. I pulled out the journal that my father gave me when he passed away. I opened a page with a drawing of a fox with nine tails. The decision said:
The Kitsune:
A tribe of foxes, in the past they would usually help the Four Kingdoms when they were in trouble. Nowadays, they have become legends.
My father taught me a lot about the Four Kingdoms, and what their purpose was. He once promised me that when I got older, we would both travel the entire Land of Myytrieno. But he passed away before we could get the chance. Daphne was only eight at the time, she was trying to create a special potion to cure him of his illness, but it was too late. It was never the same without him. The house became depressed after his passing. Even though we still had the three of us, it was very hard not having him in our house. Mother became depressed and ignored Daphne and me most of the time. I had to take care of Daphne and her. I would wake really early and catch fish so we could have something to eat that morning, I would even sell food like fish, berries, and plants such as dandelion and roots. Eventually, mother snapped out of her depression.
I heard the voice of my mother, snapping me out of my thought, she was calling Daphne and me down to the table for breakfast. When I got downstairs, the table was already set. A package wrapped up was also sitting at the table. I picked it up and examined it. “Open it up, I hope that they fit,” she said. I opened it up and saw that it was a new outfit, one that the dragon people wear when traveling. There was a blue shirt, red undershirt, and grey pants. I went upstairs to try them on.
They fitted perfectly, I looked exactly like a real dragon. “You look amazing Sun,” Daphne said and mother agreed. Sun was a nickname that my father gave me when I was very young.
“Why don’t you guys go down to the lake for a small swim, I’ll clean up here,” She said. Daphne wanted to check on her plants, she could be in her room all day but I decided to go alone.
I quickly changed into some old clothes and made my way to Fairy Lake. A lot of fairies were swimming. There was one person that looked very different than all the rest, she was wearing all purple and had a tan. Her eyes were yellow, I think I read something similar to her, she is a genie, a creature that lived in the far desert.
I rolled up my pants, and put my feet in the water. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Some of the children didn’t notice me and accidentally pushed me into the water, it got the attention of the genie. She helped me up and introduced herself as Cassandra.
“My name is Dakota,” I introduced myself.
“Dakota, what a strange and weird name for a dragon.”
“I’m sorry, I beg your pardon?” I asked.
“I have never heard of a dragon being called a Dakota.”
“And how do you know I’m a dragon? I could be a fairy,” I explained.
“You don’t have the quality as a fairy, nor do I, we are both out of place, wouldn’t you agree?”
I was appalled by what she said and walked away from everyone. I quickly trailed behind her, trying to figure out what she was doing, she didn’t take her eyes off of the middle lake. “The lake is very big, wouldn’t you agree?” She asked. “Yes, it’s very big,” I replied. “It would be impossible for something to be hidden at the bottom of the lake,” she said with a bit of confusion in her voice. “Do you think there is something hidden at the bottom of the lake?” I asked with confusion in my voice. “I don’t know, but the Land of Myytrieno is home for mysterious places, lost and forgotten in time,” she explained with a change of expression. “A genie’s role is to grant wishes, a dragon symbolizes fire and passion, but that is whether we choose to do so,” She explained. With a stern look on her face, she asked me a question.
“Who?” I asked.
“The Spirit Thugs? A group of people who cause trouble and harm to others?”
I responded with a no. She sighed with relief. “If you meet them, just remember that some of them are not as bad as you think,” she explained. I questioned her by asking why some of them are good even though they cause trouble to others? “That is a question I want to find out,” she said under her breath.
“This shall not be our final greeting, but let us meet again soon,” she said, disappearing in the treelines.
She was a very strange girl, I wondered what she meant by something hidden under the lake?
As I walked back home, I felt as if I was being followed. There was no one behind me, but the feeling wasn’t going away. A few fairies were flying, but nothing out of the ordinary. Something caught the corner of my eyes, a creature ran behind some trees. Not a single fairy was close by, I thought that it could be Cassandra but it wasn’t wearing any clothes but fur. I was nervous that it was dangerous and I wanted to get home as soon as possible. I noticed that the creature was following me, it was fast and kept going from tree to tree. Before I realized it, I was in an area that I didn’t recognize. The creature popped out behind the trees, it was a fox-like creature with nine tails. It looked very familiar to me. It slowly but majestically walked up to me. “What strange creature are you?” I asked. “Dakota, we have finally met once again,” it spoke in an old voice. “Don’t be frightened young dragon, I’m not a threat, but others will be soon if you don’t change your future,” it explained. “Have we met before? I don’t seem to remember meeting you?” I asked. “Yes, when you are very young, but you wouldn’t remember that I am a Kitsune, one of the last members of my tribe,” he introduced himself.
“What business do you have with me?” I questioned it. “Have you ever wondered where you come from or who your biological parents are?” it asked. That was a question I have asked myself many times, I wondered if I was abandoned by my biological parents.
“Tonight, when the moon is shining bright and everyone is asleep, come to the lake and you will surely get answers,” it said and slowly faded in the sunlight.
“Why is the lake very important?” I asked myself, everyone was very eager about the lake and I didn’t know why?
Before I realized it, I was back at home. Mother was outside gardening. She gave me a hug and a kiss. “Is something wrong?” She asked. I lied and told her I was fine. The house had a welcoming feeling, the first floor had the kitchen leading to the living room and stairs to the upstairs. The living room had a few pieces of furniture, a fireplace, and paintings of my family. On the mantle were a few books that mother read before bed. The upstairs has three bedrooms, one being a mine of course and a bathroom.
Daphne was still working on her plants, she didn’t notice me when I opened my door. I flipped through the pages of the journal, looking for answers about the lake, but I couldn’t find anything.
There was a light knock on the door, Daphne popped her head in. “Oh Sun, your home already,” She said cheerfully I sat up and gave a small smile. “I almost forgot to give you this at breakfast,” She handed me a bow and arrow. “I did not make it, but someone had given it to me,” She explained. The base of the bow was shaped like a dragon while the arrows were regular. “This is amazing,” I pulled the string and let it go. The bow was going to be fun at night when I go hunting.
There was another knock on the door, Mother came inside and there was a faint smell of blueberry pie in the air.
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2022.01.20 00:05 FSpursy Beanie man!!! He will never forget this moment. COYS!

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2022.01.20 00:05 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage US95 N / DOWNTOWN LV; NB SO T12 711 BONANZA / 604 01/19/2022 06:59:14 PM
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2022.01.20 00:05 Fido_And_The_Cakes The people at gamev6 have a horrific sense of humor

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2022.01.20 00:05 itsmakuuu Mannn I really miss late 2020. Disregarding Tokyo’s hiatus after Jordan’s unfortunate death, I feel that Tokyo really stepped forward in the scene and reminded everyone who he was. He was popping on social media back then and hopping on Instagram live and also giving us hella snippets. Take me back.

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2022.01.20 00:05 PrudentBodybuilder51 Impossible for Rockstar to use GTA 5 as a direct Segway into GTA 6?

Just like the “new”, surprising features of GTA 5, is it possible they drop a bombshell and connect the games together? You download the game but it merges with GTA 5. You load in as Michael and you get a call to meet someone at the airport. Then it pulls you away from Los Santos into the next chapter of the story. Maybe you don’t play as Michael frequently, but obviously when in Los Santos. New friends and enemies. Maybe he assembles an A-Team with a new captain in a vulnerable tourist area. He oversees while staying in Los Santos. Who the fuck knows? Anyone think this is maybe possible? Just the connecting the two games part. Not the tangent.
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2022.01.20 00:05 TwineNetworks 3 Sensecaps Available!!!

We’ve got 3 sense cap miners that just arrived and are available for hosting!
To become a host: visit >> Click “Apply to Host” >> Fill out a host application
About Us: At Twine we want to make mining accessible for everyone. We send you a miner to use at no cost to you, you plug it in and in exchange for hosting our miner YOU keep 25% of whatever is mined.
Terms: Hotspot must be located at your personal residence. 3-month minimum agreement.
For more questions visit our website and submit an application - we will reach out shortly!
Cheers, Twine Team
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2022.01.20 00:05 MonkeyBoy32904 bru

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2022.01.20 00:05 skyreddit10 Genesect on me, be online

6048 0945 9263, 3052 8468 4921
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2022.01.20 00:05 skyreddit10 Genesect on me, be online

6048 0945 9263, 3052 8468 4921
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2022.01.20 00:05 ZMAXX33 Made my choice, got a lot to do now. Thanks for the input guys

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2022.01.20 00:05 Laputatiana Is The Dutchess of the Attic Dead? (Manga)

Seriously, I can't find anything of the manga past chapter 12 and its been that way for quite a while now.
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2022.01.20 00:05 SwedishDiesel Meanwhile at Global Village

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2022.01.20 00:05 More_Coach_8602 How fast will bed bugs follow you to another room?

Turns out we have bed bugs. I have been getting a couple random bites over the last few months - two in Sept, four in Oct, then nothing until i had about 8 this Sunday evening.
It normally wouldn’t be a problem except that I am very very allergic to the bites. I get giant welts and my arms swell to the point where the dr gave me steroids to hell calm the reaction. Point is, it is traumatic.
Had a professional over on Tuesday who confirmed we has bed bugs. He spotted one in our bed frame. He was pretty confident that the infestation was very small and we have schedule to be treated on Friday.
We bagged up our linens from the bedroom and have been sleeping in the guest room/couch. Will they follow us in the three nights before the treatment?
My body really can’t handle the bites so I am very worried I will still wake up with bites
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2022.01.20 00:05 sharesneakersus Often worn shoes, turning yellow 🤷‍♂️

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2022.01.20 00:05 MicZiC15 Poster for the All-Purpose Android, Sundry Sidney!

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2022.01.20 00:05 Califen good fay per chance does anyone have Comprehensive Gynecology 8th Edition by David M Gershenson MD , Gretchen M Lentz

our Procter required us but refused to share a copy
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2022.01.20 00:05 fartingstinkbutt What show does Bobby say “T for Texas on the fourth day of July” in Jack Straw

I remember him doing this in a show I think it’s a Brent show and if I remember correctly the Jack Straw is the opener.
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2022.01.20 00:05 2nno0aahh2 18M - Recreational Drugs with Zoloft (100mg daily) and Seroquel (12.5mg at night for sleep)

Hi, I am an 18-year-old male, 180cm, 63kg and I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and was prescribed 100mg Zoloft (Sertraline) daily for depressive symptoms and 12.5mg Seroquel (Quetiapine) nightly and have been taking these medications for 3 weeks and 2 weeks respectively. I have had very few side effects with only a minor loss of appetite. Both medications have been working to a satisfactory level for their desired purpose and I was wondering what recreational drugs can be used in combination with these medications, and on top of that, if I were to use recreational drugs that shouldn't be used with these medications, how long should I stop taking them before taking the drugs. Drugs that I am interested in consuming include marijuana, ketamine and cocaine. I have consumed marijuana before at relatively high doses and have had no adverse reactions. I am mainly interested in occasional marijuana consumption and ketamine and cocaine once or twice, but not regularly. Which of these substances should I definitely avoid, which should be used with caution, and which are unlikely to have any adverse effects or interactions. Once again, I am willing to stop taking medication for a few days before consuming these substances in order to consume them safely.
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2022.01.20 00:05 crmeacham93 My parents got these for my birthday

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2022.01.20 00:05 HumerusJoex Looking for fun guys to do legends with!

Hey guys I am brand new to legends and I got sick and tired of randoms just standing there doing nothing. So if you’re open to have some casual grinding add me on PSN: NotYourAvgJoeX
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