The problems I find with Castrum Lacus Litore, and other raids in general

2021.10.17 04:39 RibbonPen The problems I find with Castrum Lacus Litore, and other raids in general

This raid is fun and I've honestly been just spamming it whenever, but the problems I find with this raid is people being naturally strangers to one another and occasionally, you will get break downs in raids which just results in a time-out raid fail.
Mind you, this has only ever happened to me twice - both of which someone calls for a wipe when there were too little DPS on one floor, but neither floor just wanted to give in OR didn't read the chat OR has no idea what's going on. OR the people who keep Raising even when it's clear that both floors can't DPS-check in time for the Enrage.
At the end, I think this is just a main flaw of raids-with-strangers, you're going to have that one raid where everything just breaks down because there are uncooperative elements in the raid, and even if you try your best to communicate through /yell or /shout, a lot of people don't listen.
After gaining a second time-out fail on CLL, where both sides just kept pressing DPS buttons even though Brionac was 40+% HP and the down-floor was literally 1% (and we were even communicating for a wipe), I'm starting to wonder if raids are actually not the kind of content for me and whether I should just stick to the other Bozja Fates/Duels and also go back to the MSQ dungeons.
I actually do like these raids, but it's really tough especially for raids like CLL because of the way they are set up. If I'm communicating to coordinate between floors, for example - "up floor is at 40%, down floor is at 21%, down floor please stop your DPS", OR "down floor boss is dead but up floor is still at 62%, please wipe everyone", and they don't listen, then sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my own time. It's even weirder because we waste even more time when no one cooperates. Everyone knows this, but yet some people just, don't care?
My Resistance Rank is currently 22. Out of all the CLLs I've done, only 2 have ended in complete failure so far. What this tells me is that there will always be THAT ONE RAID that is destined to fail due to all the reasons above, but failing it always just feels bad, no matter what. It hits harder when you are the one trying your best to communicate but feels like you're just talking to air space. You could prepare all the Macros you want for your /yells, but if no one listens, then it's pointless.
What do some of you think? How do you feel about the state of raids currently? CLL especially, what do you think about it? What are some of your experiences related to all these?
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2021.10.17 04:39 Roylan_1994 Anyone know the code for this split? It was working before but now we can't seem to connect the universal remote again. Thanks

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2021.10.17 04:39 loufallon We visited the newly opened Universal Studios in Beijing!

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2021.10.17 04:39 iAtrocitys- (Ps5) H: Handmade in picture W: Offers?

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2021.10.17 04:39 BeingUnoffended Thoughts on this article? Should be illegal to do drugs while pregnant?

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2021.10.17 04:39 Marmaluke420 Dog Collar Token | 715 Holders | Only on SHIBAswap

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2021.10.17 04:39 Lex3333 They are shooting The Last of Us in my city.

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2021.10.17 04:39 Lexiraenn Help.

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2021.10.17 04:39 George-W-Shrub Achilles Re-Rupture During Recovery?

Hello, this just happened and I'm seeking some advice.
Male 24 years old 5'10" inches tall 245 lbs weight Race: White Existing conditions: Currently rehabbing a fully ruptured Achilles No medications
I ruptured my Achilles and completed surgery just shy of three months ago.
I've been in physical therapy since week 6 of healing and have progressed to the walking boot which I'm supposed to be getting rid of Monday. I was walking my dog up a moderate include today at a decent pace with some headphones in when I heard what sounded like a small pop. After the pop, I felt some pressure release around my ankle and this was accompanied by some soreness around my Achilles.
I'm currently elevated and icing. I had a friend perform the Thompson test and while not as much movement as my uninjured side, there was movement.
I can still flex and point my toes down (less mobility due to the injury) and felt activation of the tendon during some PT exercises that involve activation of my calf. I can also still walk in the boot but there is some tenderness when I apply pressure to push off. There is no real swelling above the current post surgery swelling I have.
I have also been actively walking throughout the day and I have had my ankle pop in previous weeks with no complications.
Does this sound like a re-rupture or just overworked? My doctor and PT is unavailable until Monday. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.17 04:39 OwenM1712 Is there a mod to make server-side render distance adapt to server load?

Does anybody know of a mod that can change the render distance of a Fabric server depending on server lag or player count?
I've found mods for other hosting methods such as Dynamic View and Adaptive Performance Tweaks for Forge as well as View Distance Tweaks for Spigot, but nothing for Fabric. This seems really useful for servers with a varying player base, allowing for higher render distance when there are less players, and a lower distance when there are more players to reduce lag.
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2021.10.17 04:39 zombigoutesel 15 American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say

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2021.10.17 04:39 mooncatmother Multiplayer with my parents

I had to share this adorable story. My brother and I started a multiplayer game with our parents during covid. The parents haven't played a video game since the original Doom, so the learning curve has been a bit steep, especially since the clock doesn't stop in multiplayer.
We were showing them how to forage, which is their lowest stat since we usually give them farm chores to do. In Spring year 2 my dad finally foraged a daffodil and immediately gave it to my mom since those are her favorite flower! She asked if she could put it in her cabin so we showed her how to place it on the table. She loves it so much and remarks on it whenever she goes to her house!
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2021.10.17 04:39 velocinapper What's old is new again.

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2021.10.17 04:39 Sylpheed_Gamma AAR 10/16/21 [Dread Isle] || “This was a complicated mission for Marital relations.”

I'm leading an elite crew back to Zya N'Zya. Since we're on good terms, she ought to climb down her spire to greet us. We'll strike her down then and there. It's nothing personal, kid. But I don't want to stick around on this wretched isle forever, and the shards are our ticket out. She wants peace? She can't have it.
Should everything go smoothly, we may then head northwest towards the Marquis estate. Our success should foster a good relationship with them, and progress The Company towards removing the mists.
DM: u/Sylpheed_Gamma - 2/3 "Necromancers" - Had to start critting eventually...
u/xenomancipator - Captain Augusta Dalassenos - My apologies for my uncouth companions.
u/LaceJasper- Aisling Kilpatrick - Glares daggers at Odie.
u/LonkoDronko - Odie - You're going to wait till we get back to camp before throttling me right...?
u/ricecatexe - Lilee - Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit!
u/daedalline - Niall Kilpatrick - The snake charmer.
Results: After some deliberation, the gang headed out for some "diplomacy" with Zya N'Zya, ended up cutting off her head and bringing it back to the wall. After sending some stuff back to camp, they headed back to talk to the Marquis, lost Zya's head, and got another piece of this strange thing to bring back to camp... along with making an interesting ally along the way.
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2021.10.17 04:39 Thehackermann Rayman iceberg

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2021.10.17 04:39 gold3nb3ast2 My Hero Acadamia

I was going to start season 5 of the show but when I open it it says that the file was deleted. I checked the other seasons and they all said they were deleted too. Is this only temporary is will My Hero not be returning?
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2021.10.17 04:39 EVASIVE_rabbi I am LOVING this stock. You guys use one at all? Are you interested in partying up sometime? Love to play with some people!

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2021.10.17 04:39 Ripmorlds_accont How to get pawns that don't sleep to get "loving"

I have this problem because I installed a circadian half-cycler into one of my pawns. He no longer needs to sleep, so he no longer get into bed with his wife. I don't wanna lose the +20 mood buff.
Is there a way I can twerk in the schedule to get them to "loving" again ?
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2021.10.17 04:39 Glass-Shelter-7396 Does VMware Offer Sanctioned Practice Exams?

Like the title say I am looking for official VMware sanctioned practice. Similar to what other vendors offer through Pearson or Kaplan. I've searched the internet and see lots of garbage that violates rule 6 and that is NOT what I am asking about nor would I want them. If VMware doesn't sanction this type of thing that's fine I just like the extra confidence booster that those vendor provided practices provided.
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2021.10.17 04:39 The1JoshuaB Plexamp: When someone else casts on my network, it shows up in my player

How do I disable this?
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2021.10.17 04:39 emptyflask13 What are wet dreams and when will they stop???

I am on day 9 and I woke up thinking a just relapsed, I am pretty sure this is called a wet dream
My real concern is when will it stop??
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2021.10.17 04:39 get_psalm In honor of Ellen DeGeneres: who is someone that seems really nice, but is actually pretty naughty?

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2021.10.17 04:39 Hellopanda980 Am I screwed?

So today I had a human anatomy test online. I did it without cheating and using internet sources AT ALL. I didn't even open my book ;-;
I'm planning to go into the nursing program and there is another anatomy and physiology class I need to take before getting in (they are a two part series so I I taking this class very seriously) The teacher said during a Q&A that we can screenshot photos of the test if there were bad questions (since some of the questions might not reflect what she wants us to learn or something we did not cover yet).
Me, being clueless, did not know how to screenshot on a chromebook and panicked (FYI I just got a chromebook since my macbook broke) I took a photo of the question on my phone and sent it to the teacher. I did not realize how it could look like I was cheating on the exams and using my phone to search up the answers....when I actually did not. I provided her an explanation and screenshot of my history page the day I took the test. She hasn't responded, but I am so scared. I explained to her how I always show up for lectures, do all the homework assigned, go to office hours often, and spent days preparing for this test in the email. I also took the test pretty fast becuase I was really prepared for all of the questions. I spent at least 12 hours a day studying for this exam sue to my anxiety of failing...anyways am I screwed? I'm so scared to be filed for cheating when I actually didn't. I couldn't find any way to retract an email so...I don't know what to do. Thank you for the advice guys. And I know I am so dumb...
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2021.10.17 04:39 GalacticLeeloo Sunlight and I have a love hate relationship

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