Zeppelin were that big inthe 70s

2021.10.17 04:50 wholelottahate19 Zeppelin were that big inthe 70s

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2021.10.17 04:50 SirRobin136 H: Gourmands FSS 25LVC Chinese Officers Sword W: Good Chinese Swords or good melees

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2021.10.17 04:50 Velldoe Today was a good day (28F)

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2021.10.17 04:50 TheBrettFavre4 Long time listener, first time caller. Here’s some OU related memes to enjoy.

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2021.10.17 04:50 5inchpornstar Is Adrian Martinez dying?

Everyone is saying that there's something seriously wrong with him...a couple of coaches have embraced him after games now and pj fleck has embraced him and had words to say.so what's going on with him? Scott says that every thing will come out at the end of the season
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2021.10.17 04:50 Rhinestone_sea1228 Help interpreting WISC scores?

Composite scores Verbal Comprehension- 148 Perceptual reasoning - 115 Working memory - 99 Processing Speed - 97 FSIQ - 123
Why is there such a large disparity in the VCI score and all the other scores? Is this a gifted IQ?
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2021.10.17 04:50 Main-Lycheraz why did x make salarimam reincarnate as a woman i just watched the anime and they really didn't give any explanation about it

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2021.10.17 04:50 ItsEllzBruh I hate ldr but hes adorable how could i not

hes the best and its amazing i feel so loved oml
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2021.10.17 04:50 HelloWorldOfLuvCraft Will they now still ban you for going to boarsholm?

Since this was nerfed and I just reached the quest to go there I decided to check it out. The spawn rates do seem a bit broken but I do need a good farm spot for thick hide around my level.
I don't know the exact parameters for the bans people got but will AGS continue to ban people for farming this area post patch?
I don't plan on going there for extended periods of time, maybe 30 minutes when i want to chill after questing.
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2021.10.17 04:50 just_a_godzillafan Imo you shouldn’t get the spec item skins and instead get the actual items while the event going on

So I did the math with how many points it takes to get the certain spec item to how many of each normal item you get(keep in mind theses are redeemed or atleast arrows and rokas are) here are the calculations
Stop->arrow 22.5 Stop->roka 15 Stop-> rib 9 Stop->diary 4.5 Stop-> green baby 3 Claw-> arrow 30 Claw-> roka 20 Claw-> rib 12 Claw-> diary 6 Claw-> green baby 4 Scythe->arrow 35 Scythe->roka 23.333333333 Scythe->rib 14 Scythe->diary 7 Scythe->green baby 4.66666666667
Next up I did the pity from the amount of arrows/ribs (I did round the stop sign arrows for this)
Stop arrow-> 0.44% Stop rib-> 0.18 Claw arrow-> 0.6 Claw rib->0.24 Scythe arrow->0.7 Scythe rib->0.28
Now why should you not get them. 1 they can not be traded nor actually enhance the spec item
2 you can get the actual spec items for way easier
3 you can a lot more useful stuff out of the items like how stone free is going to be in them next update(imo I think the update will be in late November or mid to late December) and you will need to get arrows and rokas for them and since theses are redeemed you can just keep them there and still get normals arrows and rokas to use in the meantime and trade with.
Now I will say that if you do wanna get the spec items go for it don’t let my post stop ya but I just wanted to put out 1 the calcs I did for it and 2 my opinion. Anyways most likely next post I’ll make is either gonna be my idea for a sm rework or kcr rework.
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2021.10.17 04:50 FinerStrings Question about wave management after getting a kill, or enemy is out of lane.

Hello, I am a Gold midlaner and I just had a question about wave management. I'm pretty sound on wave management, I know when to freeze, shove, etc. but I am confused about wave management after you either get a kill or the enemy leaves lane.
After I get kills in the midlane, should I always try to shove? How do I know what a wave state will be when I get back if I leave it? Say, for example, I get a solokill and there is a cannon, 3 melee minions, and a caster. Do I try and shove it out? I know that your goal is to ideally shove into enemy tower, and then it will slow push back to you. But, if I don't have the resources or time to shove the wave fully, how do I know how much I'm going to miss, or what the wave will look like when I get back? Do I just take the cannon and leave, knowing I'll miss all the other minions when I'm gone?
Also, one more question, how do you decide what to do with lane when the enemy has left your lane to go somewhere else. If I don't want to follow up on a roam, do I deny more minions by fully shoving it into tower, or keeping it frozen at my tower, and only last hitting? A lot of the time when the enemy laner roams and it is too unsafe to try and follow them, I just sit with the wave frozen at my tower, but I'm unsure on whether or not that actually does anything to deny minions, or if it actually helps them. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.17 04:50 gafox0206 Who should I get? Was thinking inform Salah but not sure if he’s worth the coins.

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2021.10.17 04:50 mr-kupkakes Now I’m not a bimmer guy, but man do I love this thing

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2021.10.17 04:50 Optimal_Attention595 Why does my face look so much longer and ovalish when i cut my hair short?

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2021.10.17 04:50 Mathaznias I throw hands when I see that card

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2021.10.17 04:50 Godol am I banned?

testing 123
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2021.10.17 04:50 hornybastard69lol How long until it’s safe to say you’re edibles aren’t gonna get you high?

Disclaimer: I typed this like 10 minutes ago on a different subreddit.
I bought some edibles from my friend who sells weed in most forms. I bought them around 6:05pm and ate them all (“600mg”)no later than 6:10pm drove home got back around 7:05 and have been waiting since then. It’s been just shy of 4.5 hours as i’m writing this, and i would like to know if anyone knows when it’s time to accept that the edibles aren’t going to work.
Please lmk anything ASAP
(while i was typing this i got a small wave of high, but i wanted to finish my question, and got excited thinking it finally kicked in but it was incredible short lived. i’m like barely noticeably high and honestly have felt this way for about 25-30 minutes. like a drunk buzz but high. i think i might have taken an L) Thanks
edit: i know that there’s like a 90% they aren’t 600mg. i’ve had these before and they’ve done the job fine. the kid i bought them off has ate them before as well and gotten high. i know it doesn’t mean it will always work. i just wanted to let it be known it’s worked in the past.
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2021.10.17 04:50 iloveciroc Can I have two small bags as my “carry on” to fit in above bin?

I have two bags that will contain electronics. One measures 16x12x7 and the other measures 12x8x8. If I put both of them side-by-side together, they meet the 45 linear inches requirement. They’re slightly out of the individual length/width/height limits of 22x14x9. I’d like to place them both above me because I don’t want them on the dirty floor. Would delta care if I had both bags above me together?
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2021.10.17 04:50 josephthejoe Say the name of the song. I DARE YOU

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2021.10.17 04:50 istar12345 What y’all think bout this is this the right place ?

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2021.10.17 04:50 FrostyMoose28 Can I Attract Something Which Is Both My Desire & Fear?

As the title says, I'm really curious about this.
So, I intended for someone whom I haven't met in real life yet to visit me (my desire), and I believe we'll definitely meet one day too. However, at the same time I'm kinda scared/anxious/nervouss about the meeting if it really comes true (fear). 😂
Am I delaying the manifestation, or am I speeding it up because I fear it simultaneously?
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2021.10.17 04:50 ttre9 Does anyone know where I can find a product called 'detachol'? Having trouble.

It's an adhesive remover called detachol, can't find it anywhere, amazon is really expensive.
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.17 04:50 Victini9000 Opinion are welcome just trying to see everyones thoughts

Hey, so i've been looking at the danmachi list of units and have been wondering who's like the flat-out, best unit in the game, or what a top 5 list for them would like them, taking in conaideration all game-modes(Telskyura, war-game, EX event stages, Hard mode seventh-zone(kekw), record buster and fwg) Side note: been playing since end of 2nd anni
Personally I have: 1) Anniversary Wind Haruhime(we all know why stop playing)
2) Aphrodite(strong for no reason, fast for no reason, tankier than real tanks for no reason, and ailments cause y not, also f2p and better than some limited units so f2p have a chance)
3) New anniversary water better( hits 3 times between turns 1-2 and has a great scaling single target)
4) Aisha(him and water bell made the the devs contemplate why they made them phy water so good)
5) Ardee(imo phenomenal, phy and mag, phy and mag debuff, great if you have no unit that get rids of a str and mag buff on enemy
Probably more im missing but this is just me, I just want to hear everyones opinions on their own units
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2021.10.17 04:50 Enixthe9th Quick pic of all my RCs , sorry about the mess.

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2021.10.17 04:50 butterchicken90 So what it like being a doctor? What is the employment side of being a doctor like?

Being desi, becoming a doctor is near the pinnacle of all professions. Respect, fancy title, bragging rights, parental approval, achievement, are all yours. Not to mention front of the line in the marriage proposal game. And deservingly so. It's a lot of hard work and dedication which majority of people cannot do.
So for those who are doctors, what is it like being a doctor? We know it takes a lot to get there, but once you get there how is the employment side of things? Is there a lot of competition amongst doctors? I mean people who were always in the top of their class must be really competitive in the job market too. Do you have annual reviews? If so, what is it you are reviewed on? How do you make your boss happy?
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