Lf sandshrew (Alolan) I will give you solgaleo

2021.10.17 05:42 Zing-002 Lf sandshrew (Alolan) I will give you solgaleo

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2021.10.17 05:42 Purple_Device_4983 عروض سوق العايش المركزى الكويت 17 و18 أكتوبر 2021 – تخفيضات كبيرة Al Ayesh market Kuwait offers from 17 to 18 October 2021 ▷ Big Discounts

عروض سوق العايش المركزى الكويت 17 و18 أكتوبر 2021 – تخفيضات كبيرة Al Ayesh market Kuwait offers from 17 to 18 October 2021 ▷ Big Discounts submitted by Purple_Device_4983 to ilofo_Qatar [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 05:42 SuperJoey0 So I finally opened Undertale after a year and a half, but...

Let's go back to late February/early March 2020, right before quarantine (At least in the US). I finally played Undertale for the first time. It was great, and I got to around Mettaton EX before I stopped playing right when quarantine started (IDK why). I left it dormant for about half a year before something that likely caused this entire thing happened: Me getting my new computer.
Once I got this, Steam on my old computer was deleted. I mostly forgot I even had it until today, when I remember Deltarune Cha. 2 came out and I decided to go back to Undertale to finally finish it. Unfourtuently, the option to name Frisk came up, I was in the yellow flower field, and none of my save data was saved, and I had to play it all over again. Obviously not wanting to do this, I decided to try to get it back, using this post, but it didn't work. Desperate, I tried just doing Frisk as my name, hoping putting what (I think) my in-game name at the time was, but still didn't work.
I don't remember many details from my old computer's save file, but still, does anyone have an idea on how to get it back, or if not, at least something close to it? If so, thanks! I don't wanna play it all over again up to Mettaton EX.
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2021.10.17 05:42 electrotoxic Celebrating cakeday with Mario Party 3 <3

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2021.10.17 05:42 FunTechnician2234 I need help on double recording I have a gaming PC but I am using MDI output to use my laptop as a second monitor but on my laptop is really laggy and I have the recordings come out choppy is there any setting that I can fix to make it less choppy

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2021.10.17 05:42 cowboycurdis People to talk to in the MN Twin Cities

I'm 19 and I'm trying not to go crazy, I'm autistic, ADHDistic, and pretty spastic tonight because of some fruit smoothies I've slammed against my existing anxiety to distract it. It's made it worse.
I'm going to bed, and when I wake up I'd like to talk to as many people as possible to blot out the dark sprites floating inside of my brain.
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2021.10.17 05:42 RiceDiligent4026 need a love spell to get my ex back, can anyone help?

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2021.10.17 05:42 OfficialZnoozing I made a short animation for TF2, hope you enjoy!

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2021.10.17 05:42 Hopeful-Reception-25 FAR CRY 6 PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 (4K 60FPS)

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2021.10.17 05:42 StayHard_always Experience requirements... How is virginity a 🚩 ?

I'd just like to point out that the last 2 girls I asked, they said they'd never bang me cuz I was virgin. 1 actually told me she'd like to be friends with benefits but then said "oh wait youre virgin right"
First of all; I'm virgin cause I dated one person all my life and I spent 6 years with her just to have her f off. I kept my D in my pants out of respect of her cuz she wanted to wait till marriage. We did stuff but never the main thing just because I loved her more alot and she really wanted to wait (cuz religion).
Second; Being virgin doesn't equate to being a bad person to date.
Third; being told by multiple women that I shouldn't be honest about my virginity. Like are you serious ? I should turn into a lying sack of shit just because I want to get into your pants ? No thanks man.
End rant
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2021.10.17 05:42 Omgiseverythingtaken Remember when that analyst said Dodgers in 4?

Pepperidge Farm remembers
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2021.10.17 05:42 OhioAasimar Art by @erinyeart on Twitter

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2021.10.17 05:42 auxie00 All stars season 17 - Milly

So, I just finished the all stars season (I know I’m behind, and honestly this is the only season I’ve seen all the way through). I’m curious about Milly. Was there extra information about how he was treated by the other chefs? His words when he was up implied that he was being targeted for where he’s from and I’m assuming he was also talking about race. But, I never saw anything directly in the show pertaining to this. Maybe it was cut from the final piece? Has he talked about it since his time on the show?
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2021.10.17 05:42 pinkvkca Read text please

is there like a service for the knox area that would drive me to a doctors appointment, sign off for me, then drive me home? i have a doctors appointment to get labs done and have an endoscopy/colonoscopy monday morning. it is very important for me to get it done so they can rule out cancer. my current ride just absolutely cancelled on me and i can not get someone else to pick me up with this late of a notice. i do not have family, either. i can not ride an uber because someone has to sign for me since i will be under anesthesia and they're considering it a surgery. is there any services that will help? i can pay literally whatever fee needed. i really can not reschedule this.
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2021.10.17 05:42 ScarletPhoenix15 Sticker I made to go on my desk shelves

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2021.10.17 05:42 RedBaronsBrother Delta Air Lines CEO Ditches ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Mandate

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2021.10.17 05:42 Perphected Am I overpaying for DJ Moore and Kyler? I would be giving Aaron Jones and Mike Davis. I would be using Kyler to get a RB from a different owner. I also have a lot of RB depth already

View Poll
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2021.10.17 05:42 tomtom502 How big is Playon (Mediamall Technologies)?

I just checked Linked-In. They show six employees.
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2021.10.17 05:42 shesthatgirl94 One for the Books.

Everling’s POV
My parents ruined my life. This was going to be my best year; my senior year and I was finally going to get to be captain of our swimming team. However, my parents decided to uproot me from the life I had known for the past seventeen years and plopped me down in the middle of suburbia. Instead of swimming teams, this place had rugby and lacrosse teams.
Due to this sudden move, I have been enrolled into the largest private school in Raleigh. I sat on the front steps of the school, staring down at the atrocious skirt I have been ordered to wear. Along with the skirt, I was given a white button up shirt and a blue and yellow striped tie. Instead of the black dress shoes that the dress code suggested, I had decided to wear my blue low-top converses. After a semester at this terrible school, none of the teachers even try to write me up for being out of uniform anymore.
As soon as the first bell rang, everyone began making their way into the main hall. Unlike everyone else, I stayed on the steps. When I heard the tardy bell ring, I began to gather my supplies to finally enter the building. As I turned to make my way to the front door, I heard a noise that resembled someone dragging their feet. I turned back towards the street and saw the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen in my life.
Kiristhian’s POV
The great thing about starting a new school is that I can say that I got lost on the way to my classes. Instead of rushing off to class, I began to drag my feet. I am so tired of new schools and new people. After all, going through four different high schools in one year will tire anyone out. I heard the bell ring from afar but I didn’t speed up. I continued my slow descent towards the school.
As I came closer, I saw a beautiful girl standing on the top stair leading into the school. My heart began to race and my palms began to sweat. I had heard that this would happen when I found her. Instead of black shoes, I noticed she was wearing blue converses. Also, her arms were full of bracelets and there were blue streaks in her dirty blonde hair. I tried not to make eye contact with her as I began climbing the steps. Silently, I began hoping she would make the first move so I wouldn’t have to. However, I knew if she didn’t make the first move, it would only be a matter of time before fate threw us together. When I reached the door, I opened it and held it for the girl with blue hair to walk in.
Everling’s POV
After it became painfully obvious that the gorgeous boy wasn’t going to make the first move, I smiled as said, “Hi!” He mumbled and began walking down the hall. “Do you even know where you’re going?” I asked him. Simply, he stated, “Math”. “Forget math, let’s skip”, I suggested. I was struggling to keep up with his long strides. On a dime, the gorgeous boy turned on his heel and smirked at me. “Did you just offer to skip class with someone you just met?”, he asked. I blushed and looked at the floor. He walked closer to me and lifted my face to his with a finger under my chin. As soon as he touched me, a tingling feeling ran through my whole body. “What’s your name, pretty one?” he whispered. “Everling” I croaked. “My name is Kiristhian” he supplied. As soon as the words left his mouth, his head began descending towards mine and I knew he was going to kiss me.
Kiristhian’s POV
I knew I shouldn’t kiss her. Hell, I shouldn’t have even touched her. As soon as I kissed her, I couldn’t stop. Our lips touched and I was lost. Everling grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to her. Her tongue traced my lips asking for entrance. I tried to slow the kiss down and refused to let her in. Then, her teeth grabbed my lower lip and her hand pulled at my hair. As soon as that happened, all bets were off. I let out an animalistic growl and began moving her back against the wall.
I should have slowed down, I know. When we reached the wall, a low moan left her lips. Everling’s legs became wrapped around my waist and her hands still pulled at my hair. After a while, I lifted my head while taking in deep breaths. Everling’s eyes lifted to mine and a million emotions flooded into me at once. Mate! my wolf screamed. Everling jerked my head back to hers and continued her assault on my lips.
I pressed myself closer to her perfect body. I was rewarded by Everling taking in a sharp breath and arching her back. As soon as I saw her neck offered to me in that way, my wolf took over. I burrowed my nose into her neck and bit. Just as my teeth sank into her neck, Everling fell apart. Everling’s body began shaking and her breath became shallow.
Everling’s POV
As soon as Kiristhian bit me, I knew that he had mated with me. After all, I hadn’t spent the last five years of my life reading werewolf novels not to be able to notice the signs of a werewolf mating. While my body quieted down from the excitement it had just received, I began stroking Kiristhian’s head that is still tucked in between my shoulder and neck. He lifted his head and shakily smiled. “You just marked me as your mate”, I stated. Kiristhian’s eyes widened with shock. Instead of answering, he began to pull away from me; mentally and physically. I reached to ensure he didn’t walk away. “Babe, I don’t mind”, I muttered. In shock, Kiristhian spun back around to face me and smiled. “Really?” he breathed out. “Yes, really”, I said. Kiristhian kissed me and grabbed my hand. Along with my mate, I walked out of the school I hated and we never returned.
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2021.10.17 05:42 Freddyinyoface How's my lineup? My fault for over leveling spino and anky... I underestimated how much stats they would gain over a few levels...

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2021.10.17 05:42 -prooof Is paying an employee tax deductible?

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2021.10.17 05:42 Vesa_Chanwe Injustice continuity

Where does the end of Injustice year five pick up at? Ground zero is basically Harley's perspective right? So i'm not all that interested, and year zero is just a prequel.
Does Injustice 2 pick up right after?
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2021.10.17 05:42 ZMDelgado "Liberty and Death" short horror story

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2021.10.17 05:42 LogicNumb H: MuE15v nu laser and ExeE nu laser 2* W: legacy offers

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2021.10.17 05:42 lyshmallow23 a sweet story

i just wanted to share a sweet story. my 12 year old brother went to cedar point this weekend and texted me saying he knew i have been sad and got me a present. i have had a lot on my plate recently and i came home tonight to a 16 inch keely sitting on my desk that he won me at cedar point 🥺😭 keely is so soft and perfectly stuffed!!!
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