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Place your offer below. Please make it fair for both sides.
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Hey guys, im looking to to see if anyone has been able to create a gns3 lab for a fortigate environment. I would like to practice building tunnels, bgp, ipsec ect..the youtube vids just arnt working for me. Any advice helps πŸ™‚
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2021.09.24 06:08 tyforcalling By searching random hashtags I found the first pic (2015) , imagine my surprise when I went to her profile and saw the second pic as one of the most recent ones

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2021.09.24 06:08 whyvietnam VIETNAM : NOT, A COUNTRY I THOUGHT IT WAS

VIETNAM : NOT, A COUNTRY I THOUGHT IT WAS "Not what I thought...….”
This is what many Koreans say about their first impression of Vietnam upon their first visit to the country. Their general opinions are: "They have rather a fair complexion, unlike what I thought," "There is no jungle or slums like shanty neighborhoods, as I expected" "To my surprise, people are kind and the food tastes familiar."
It is because in Koreans' minds, the image of Vietnam is a mixture of the images of typical Southeast Asian countries that became familiar to them through TV programs or their visits to countries like Thailand or the Philippines. That's the reason people are likely to mistakenly believe "All Southeast Asian countries are more or less the same, aren't they?" or "They must speak similar languages because they look more or less the same." I will address this continuously throughout this book, but countries that are collectively referred to as "ASEAN" or "Southeast Asia" have clearly different languages, cultures, and religions, and people from those countries also look different from one another. Korea, China and Japan are clearly three different countries to Koreans’ eyes even though they look similar to the eyes of Westerners, In the overall picture it may appear they share the same Confucian and Chinese character cultures, but it is important to remember that the cultures and market environment of all Asian countries are clearly different. I will talk about and stress this issue repeatedly throughout this book, because I intend to help readers understand the Vietnamese market correctly, and debunk the myths about the Vietnamese market that resulted from the definitive word of "Southeast Asia." Before I jump into the discussion of the Vietnamese Market, I would like to give a brief general overview of the country we know as Vietnam.

1. The History and Diplomatic Relations of Vietnam
It would be nice to know and memorize everything about Vietnam including even the past Vietnamese dynasties in order to understand the Vietnamese market well, but that would be too much to handle for readers. In my opinion, there are three things that readers must know about Vietnam's history: First, the country has a long adversarial relationship with China. Second, it is a hegemony of the Indochina Peninsula that covers Laos and Cambodia. Third, the country has been building an alliance with the United States in the wake of the latest conflict between the United States and China. These three facts are very important to grasp Vietnam's economic development and market conditions up until today as well as in the future.
Vietnam Has an Adversarial Relationship with China
Vietnam boasts the same 5,000-year history as Korea, but it was about 2,900 years ago that the first Vietnamese state, Van Lang, was founded. Van Lang is a legendary state that signaled the beginning of the history of Vietnam. In 111 BC, however, the Van Lang kingdom was conquered by the Chinese Han dynasty, and so began their history of struggle with China that lasted for 1,000 years until 938AD. Their turbulent history of fighting against China gave birth to several Vietnamese heroines including the most famous female military leaders known as the "Trung sisters". The Trung sisters rebelled against and brought down the Late Han dynasty and founded an independent state in 40AD. Stories about Vietnamese heroines will be mentioned many times in this book going forward.

Vietnam defeated the Mongol Empire and later the Yuan dynasty that invaded the country three times, and for a while it seemed Vietnam no longer had to suffer under China, but the country was conquered by the Ming dynasty again in 1406. It was 22 years after that in 1428 that Vietnam became independent again. It is safe to say that most of the Vietnamese history has been a constant struggle against China. In modern times, Vietnamese fought against 300,000 elite Chinese troops in 1979 and declared a de facto victory in 18 days. As of today, the two countries have territorial disputes in the East Sea of Vietnam (South China Sea) over Hoang Sa Archipelago and Truong Sa Archipelago. The disputes are equivalent to Korea's territorial dispute with Japan over Dokdo island. China is aggravating Vietnam by installing oil exploration projects and even constructing man-made islands in this sea. China and Vietnam have been at odds for more than 3,000 years, and the conflicts between the two countries are sure to continue into the future. It is due to Vietnam's geopolitical location amidst the confrontation between the United States and China, as well as the national characteristics of the Vietnamese that China could not defeat them for several thousands of years.


Vietnam is a Hegemonic Power on the Indochina Peninsula
Vietnam is rapidly emerging as a country that will block the One Belt One Road initiative that the Chinese government is pushing forward to counter the United States with the vision of becoming a global hegemonic power.
People are not really aware of this, but Vietnam is in fact an absolute hegemony on the Indochina Peninsula that encompasses Laos and Cambodia. In February 1976, the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and brought down the pro-Chinese Pol Pot administration that was responsible for the genocide commonly known as the "Killing Fields" and established a pro-Vietnamese government instead. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has been the highest authority in Cambodia for 35 years, and he was able to stay in power till today all thanks to unsparing support from Vietnam. The Communist Party of Laos also allied with Vietnam to fight against the United States. Vietnam actively helped establish the Lao People's Revolutionary Party and kept it under their influence.
Lately, however, China is posing a great threat with its One Belt One Road initiative that affects Cambodia and Laos where Vietnam has a dominating influence in terms of military, politics, and the economy. Under this initiative, Chinese government is attempting to estrange Laos and Cambodia from Vietnam with a promise of building a dam over the Mekong River that runs from China to Vietnam past Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. In the past, Laos and Cambodia used to side with Vietnam at ASEAN conferences when Vietnam and China clashed due to the territorial dispute over the South China Sea, but recently, Laos and Cambodia have brazenly sided with China.
Readers of this book will be those who have a strong interest in Vietnam, and if you are one of them, soon you will start noticing Korean media frequently pushing articles about the relationship between China and the Mekong nations but with a tone that is drastically different from each another, such as "conflict on the Mekong River" or "cooperation on the Mekong River". The political landscape of the ASEAN countries that share the Mekong River is so intense that I myself have an extreme concern that World War III could break out over the issues associated with the Mekong River. Japan began financially supporting ASEAN countries through the Asian Development Bank to contain China when China stepped up its efforts to cooperate with countries that share the Mekong River. Korea also held its first ROK-Mekong summit in November 2019. This is a critical development that will determine the fate of the ASEAN community, as well as the Chinese government's One Belt One Road initiative and the growing influence of the U.S. over ASEAN countries. I discuss the disputes over the Mekong River separately in this book.
Stepping Out as a Dark Horse to Contain China With the US on Its Back
Vietnam is in a tense relationship with China over the Indochina Peninsula. The United States is becoming involved in this situation in order not to miss a golden opportunity. Vietnam is a country where the United States experienced its only defeat since the establishment of the nation. For the U.S., Vietnam is a country with bitter memories. But the U.S. joined hands with Vietnam as a strategic partner at a time when containing the hegemony of China was critical. The U.S. is not the only country that experienced a scathing defeat in Vietnam. China was also defeated by Vietnam for the first time since the establishment of the People's Republic of China. Shocked by this defeat, the Chinese communist authorities began to step up their efforts to modernize their military equipment.

In March 2018 when China's influence kept expanding rapidly to the Indochina Peninsula, the Vietnamese government allowed U.S. aircraft carriers to enter Da Nang Naval Base, which was a fierce battleground during the Vietnam War. Da Nang is a place where you can see the Hoang Sa Archipelago that is at the center of territorial dispute between Vietnam and China. Therefore, this development could be interpreted as a signal that the U.S. might get involved if Vietnam clashes with China due to the territorial dispute. Vietnam is trying hard not to clash with China, but the Vietnamese government is determined to respond sternly if the Chinese government crosses the line that should not be crossed. That's why China can't be reckless in dealing with Vietnam.
In the meantime, a growing number of global companies are moving their manufacturing facilities from China to Vietnam in order to avoid the tariff bomb of the U.S. as the trade war continues to intensify between the U.S. and China. Not just global companies but even Chinese companies are moving their production facilities to Vietnam. This means Vietnam is grabbing a golden opportunity to grow from a developing country to a more advanced country. For the U.S., Vietnam is a dark horse that could contain China, and now, the U.S. is more proactively supporting Vietnam in terms of military and economic growth as if Vietnam were a tiger cub that the U.S. is raising.
For those who are considering investing in Vietnam, now is the best opportunity. Fast development is not easy with Vietnam's own power alone, and the smart Vietnamese government is taking advantage of the international political situation to lay the cornerstone of their national development. Vietnam has a long-standing anti-China mentality, but throughout their history, the Vietnamese have experienced and learned how to coexist with superpowers, and today, they are practicing equidistance diplomacy by maintaining proper distance from other countries. Vietnam is showing mastery in tightrope walking by bringing in the U.S. while maintaining good relationships with China instead of aggravating it.
In this book, readers will see that I repeatedly praise the flexibility of the Vietnamese government. It is because, compared to the governments of other neighboring Southeast Asian countries or development countries, the Vietnamese government has a good grip of the international political circumstances and is doing a good job in keeping balance in its diplomacy. Vietnam is sure to continuously grow into the future, and it is mainly thanks to the insightful Vietnamese government that has jumped on just the right wave to enjoy surfing instead of allowing itself to be swept up by the wild wave called international political circumstance.
2. Vietnamese Culture
From the perspective of a businessman who entered and is making investment in overseas markets, a country that shares similar culture and sensitivity is sure to give you more comfort than a country that is distant and unfamiliar. Vietnam is a country that shares a very similar sentiment with Korea, and as of 2019, about 200,000 Koreans are living in Vietnam (about 130,000 in Ho Chi Minh City and 70,000 in Hanoi).
Lately, Korean media has been reporting, "Thanks to Park Hang-seo, the coach of the Vietnamese national soccer team, the Vietnamese people like Koreans more than before, and their perception of Korea has been improving." But this is an exaggerated report. It is true that coach Park Hang-seo is considered a national hero and very popular in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese’s perception of Korea didn't change much because of coach Park Hang-seo, because the Vietnamese always liked Koreans. The Vietnamese respect Koreans as being amazing people for Koreans because of the performance of coach Park Hang-seo, but they didn't start liking Koreans all of a sudden because of him.
Vietnam is one of the few countries along with China where the Korean Wave originated, and the Vietnamese people always liked Koreans and Korean culture. I myself have been living in Vietnam for ten years since I moved here in 2011, and I asked around and researched the reason the Vietnamese people like Koreans and Korean culture so much, but I still haven't found convincing answers yet. Whenever I ask that question, I mostly get an answer that says, "Because Vietnam and Korea are very similar to each other." If that's the case, we must find the reason Vietnam shares such a similar culture with Korea. However, I still haven't found resources that could explain the reason properly.
The Vietnamese are Just as Enthusiastic for Education as Koreans
Vietnam shares common ground marked by Confucianism, Chinese characters, and chopsticks with Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. But it is difficult to logically explain the reason Koreans have a sensitivity that is more similar to that of the Vietnamese than with its much closer neighbors such as Japan or China, because Vietnam is a distant land that is 2,700 km away from Korea even in a straight line. However, what I can say with a sense of certainty is that I have a positive outlook for the future of Vietnam because Vietnamese parents are just as enthusiastic for their children's education as Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese parents, and they are faster learners and they always love learning something new. I presented diverse analyses under the title "Why the Vietnam Market?" One of the answers I can give you is Vietnam's "enthusiasm for education". I am certain that Vietnam will soon grow to be on a par with Korea, Taiwan, and China, and it is because the entire society is built upon a passion for higher education.
According to reports, the number of Korean tourists visiting Thailand --- one of the most popular tourist destinations among ASEAN countries --- is declining as the Korean tourists are flocking to Vietnam. In the past, Koreans had negative perceptions of Vietnam due to the Vietnam War, "Vietnamese brides" and "Vietnamese workers", but once they visit the country in person, they realize Vietnam is a country that feels familiar and welcoming to them for some reason, even though they are strangers in the country. Unlike the cuisine of Thailand, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, the Vietnamese cuisine also tastes familiar and appealing to Koreans. As a result, Vietnam is rapidly becoming a familiar country to Koreans, in whose minds Vietnam is like a long-lost family member with whom they just became reunited.
Can a Korean Cultural Content Business Achieve Success?
Now you might wonder: If the Vietnamese culture and cuisine agrees with Koreans' taste, would the Korean culture and cuisine agree with the Vietnamese people's taste as well? And if we apply the same logic to industry, would Korean cuisine and movie industries achieve success in the Vietnamese market? When a popular drama airs in Korea, the same drama is made available for Vietnamese internet users in about five to six hours with Vietnamese subtitles. That shows how popular Korean culture is in Vietnam, and it also proves that there are many talented Vietnamese who have studied Korean and have a good command of Korean language skills. Some people might think it would be difficult to become successful in the cultural content industry since there are so many pirate videos circulating on the internet. However, there is a need to pay attention to the positive sign that shows Korean content products are already enjoyed by Vietnamese consumers. And you should also think about how Korea became one of the most important consumer markets for Hollywood of the United States, even though Korea used to be the kingdom of illegal content products.
Processing img y1zz1fboldp71...
On the other hand, there are also many Korean companies that failed in Vietnam after investing in its market, believing that they were sure to succeed with Korean content products, given that Vietnam is one of the major fans of the Korean Wave. There are Koreans who experience business failures in Vietnam after opening a business in the country, believing in the popularity of Korean movies, dramas, and K-pop music in Vietnam, and they wonder what the problem was. It is true that the Vietnamese love Korean content products, but there are specific genres and stories when it comes to Korean content that the Vietnamese like. In a way, it is obvious, but when you do business overseas, you often fail to realize what is obvious and basic. In fact, all the Vietnamese movies that the Korean company, CJ Entertainment, produced with Vietnamese partners which became the most successful blockbusters in Vietnam are Vietnamese remakes of Korean movies.
So, you might wonder if Vietnam is only consuming Korean cultural products. Currently, the Vietnamese are only importing and consuming content products from Korea, China, and Hong Kong, but with Korean companies such as CJ Entertainment taking the lead in the Vietnamese market by producing content products in Vietnam, it is expected that domestically produced Vietnamese products will be exported and spread to Southeastern Asian markets as well. So far, Korean companies have targeted the Vietnamese market with Korea's outstanding video technology and Korean stories that appeal to the sensitivity of Southeast Asian consumers, but gradually, the market is witnessing an increasing number of products that are made possible by adding uniquely Vietnamese content to Korean capital and video technology. One example is a movie that the Korean company Lotte funded and made a big hit in Vietnam and even released in America. In the near future, Vietnamese content products are expected to dominate the Southeast Asian content markets.
In addition, you can also predict how Vietnam will develop in the future by looking back at Korea's past, because Vietnam is following a similar path to the one that Korea took. It was only up until a few years ago that the perceptions of Koreans were very negative in the West: most Westerners didn't even know what Korea was, or Korea had a bad image due to the "Korean War", "illegal immigrants", and "marriage to get visa" issues. But before we knew it, Korean music and movies were sweeping the world. Vietnam is developing along a similar pattern as Korea did, both in terms of cultural development and industrial development. Therefore, you can predict how the future will unfold for Vietnam and where and how to invest in the Vietnamese market if you look at Korea's past and present.
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I’m a second year and I’ve been commuting from where I live with my dad in woodland and uh not sure I can do this anymore. Are there sites or Facebook groups or something to find people who are looking for a roommate to move in?
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