New blood vessels growing into my eye

2021.09.24 05:54 Suspicious_Knitter New blood vessels growing into my eye

I just took a pick to see if any new blood vessels have grown into my eye and they have. Some are big but then there's very tiny ones that you can hardly see and I finally figured out that those are causing my iris to discolour, it took me long enough lol. But at least the eye herpes has gotten alot better and I can finally sleep at an early time.
But here's the new growth and here it is compared to my eye on the 4 a pretty big difference. And there is a blood vessel slowly growing into my pupil, so that's not good and I'm hoping it won't affect my vision even though it's starting to cloud on one side.
Hopefully I get a call tomorrow from the ophthalmologist for the culture swab results. Speaking of that it was absolutely terrifying, he wanted to put that thingy in my eye to keep my eye lids open but that didn't end up working, so he had to slightly hold my eye lid open so he can use this really really small scalpel thing to scrape my cornea. It wasn't fun and I ended up crying because I kept flinching but that's because i was looking to the right and once i looked to the left it was fine because i couldn't see anything at all and that's what helped.
He reassured me and told me i did great and i did better then alot of people that don't have that thingy keeping their eye open and he was shocked as to how quick it was. But I do have a question, what could be causing this vessel growth? The ophthalmologist isn't sure what it could be from.
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2021.09.24 05:54 SilverFuel21 Brand New Never Used

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2021.09.24 05:54 tammyyfayybaker "You are so poor that you can't feel pain"

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2021.09.24 05:54 nateradeford Need some help with this old beast, its a bc296d i bought a battery for it but when i turn it on nothing happens except for a faint hiss of static is something broken or does my battery not have enough of a charge to power it?

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2021.09.24 05:54 SleepyBearGaming09 Abba got 10 wins in a row in ranked (solo palying only)! I think it's one of the best heroes

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2021.09.24 05:54 Eli_hanlin2 What is your favorite video game quote?

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2021.09.24 05:54 guzi99 At which gear, rear hub clicking while pedaling for the 6-speed?

Mine is at both gear 2 and 3, so only gear 1 makes no clicking sound on pedaling. I saw others mention gear 2?
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2021.09.24 05:54 WhatUpDuck93 Got my 6th builder and here's some tips that I personally picked up in Builder Hall:

  1. Try to get your Builder Hall to level 9 quicker. Upgrading everything before going to the next Builder Hall is not the play, it's not like the Town Hall village. Your loot is based on your trophies and not Hall difference and the loot their village contains.
  2. Wall Rings get used for Builder Hall. Loot is much harder to come by, using it to upgrade one wall in the home village is not as useful as using it to upgrade in the Builder Hall.
  3. Elixer should be focused on your Cannon Cart and Battle Machine. This however doesn't mean you should neglect your other troops, find what works for you e.g 2 levels on Cannon Cart and BM means upgrading 1 level on the other troops.
  4. Clocktower is actually really useful. Leaving it at level 1 and selling your clock tower potions isn't worth it.
  5. Don't use Runes just because you have them. I don't just mean wait till you have practically 0 gold or elixir. Hang on to it if you are able to, to upgrade your storage space. If you use it immediately, yes you may have that upgrade faster but you could lose out on an extra 1 million of that loot if you just waited. (never sell them either, they're way more valuable than 50 gems, also never take 100 gems over a builder rune, the gems are nice but runes knock down an insane amount of time.)
  6. Focus on an army that includes Cannon Cart. (I used 2 camps of barbs, 1 camp of Bombers, 2 camps of Carts, 1 camp of Night Witch{drop one barb in the corner to check for traps, if that barb dies then drop 1 more etc. that protects the night witches from dying to the "corner traps" meta against them}) This way you can level up your cannon cart while it actually matters.
  7. Guard Posts are annoying, watch out for them, they are generally weak but if placed well they draw attention and your troops get destroyed. Also if you can, first take out the troops of a guard post before you pop the Battle Machines ability, since it only lasts 3 shots, you lose a lot of damage on those hits.
  8. Make sure to use your BH gold when you are using your Builder to Gear up buildings. Since they work long on that side, you lose a lot of gold if you have 1 million free space but send him to the village. That gold could've been used for walls, sounds dumb but it really does help if you quickly calculate how much you would get over the time period that the builder is busy (You should be able to drop elixir in the Lab so that's not really a problem.)
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2021.09.24 05:54 imnotthebatman One of best live performances from The Strokes. I fixed the sync issue...probably will get removed soon but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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2021.09.24 05:54 Beta575 Another day, another direct...

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2021.09.24 05:54 hyena_cory To-Be Enemies

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2021.09.24 05:54 BrandFIakes Too satiated on a caloric deficit.

Hello everyone,
So I’m currently trying to cut from 200 down to my normal weight of 170.
23 y/o Male 5’7(5’8 on a good day) 200 LBs
Normal BW: 175 Lbs - 185 Lbs
Backstory for some insight:
I’ve been lifting for about 6-7 years now (My brother taught me and I’ve been surviving on Bro-Science and YouTube.
I was stationed in Japan and I would bounce back and fourth from bodybuilding to powerlifting. I have never tracked calories or anything. I just made sure I ate a high protein and healthy card diet. (Aka a hell of a lot of meat and veggies.)
I’ve recently PCS’d back to the states and I’ve noticed that the food here is a lot less healthy, so maintaining the same way of life has proved to be a terrible idea. Since being back I have put on about 15 pounds. After looking in the mirror and realizing what’s happened, I’ve decided to try to start counting macros/calories to lose weight.
I still go to the gym 5 times a week while running on Wednesday’s. I work powerlifting on one week and bodybuilding the next. (Just trying something out.) My workouts are usually anywhere from 1.5 - 2 Hours with moderate to high intensity. (So this absolutely boggles my mind that I’m not hungry by the time I’m back home after a workout.) Usually I have around 800 calories left after the gym.
I’m 1000% a noob at body recomposition and meal tracking so my question is: Why am I miserably full by the end of the day with a ton of reserve calories?
I’ve been doing this cut for about 3 weeks now and I’m starting to get a bit discouraged. Im SUPPOSEDLY at a deficit but I’m beginning to believe I may have messed up my numbers. Or maybe it’s the amount of fat that I have stored which is compensating for when I’m not eating. I have no clue. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Everywhere I read says that I’m supposed to be hungry. Maybe I’m supposed to base the numbers off of the desired weight, this is driving me insane haha.
Last night I ate to the point where I was almost sick and I still had more I needed to eat. I feel like I’ve grossly miscalculated and I’m actually bulking. But for someone my size and the rate that I workout I feel like I should be eating more.
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2021.09.24 05:54 peaceomind88 Weird

I just did an order tonight that showed a $20 tip. Two hours later I get a message that so and so tipped $20 and there was a button to send thanks for tip. It's only two hours after the delivery. They have 24 hours to change the tip. Does anyone know why I got that message?
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2021.09.24 05:54 DeansALT What do you think Aizen would have actually done had he supplanted the soul king?

It seems to me based on his angry rant to Kisuke that for whatever reason, he thinks he could legitimately run things better than Rocky Balboa up there.
I think it's pretty clear that while Aizen was a psycho, he never particularly reveled in violence or hurting others, despite being perfectly willing to do it as a means to an end and not being bothered by it either.
What do you guys think? Was Aizen legitimately competent enough to do a better job than God? Or was his arrogance just showing? Or maybe even a bit of both?
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2021.09.24 05:54 RadicalMario Adachi Mario Movie????

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2021.09.24 05:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 05:54 Swaymo_15 I am also at work

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2021.09.24 05:54 jxck444 [indie] user - lost +thinking about quitting lmk+

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2021.09.24 05:54 456northside I can't stop staring at her

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2021.09.24 05:54 redrocketunicorn How many weeks on ur bench this year?

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2021.09.24 05:53 Affectionate-Case-85 What is wrong with America? Why can't it just get it's act straight? Why doesn't it know that there are many countries that still look up to it?

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2021.09.24 05:53 theJoke-ller Eastern Cedarwood oil - bad for snakes?

Hi y'all, thanks in advance for the advice. My roommates cat has had fleas for two months now, and we really have no hope of getting them off if her until flea season is over. A few weeks ago we got a cedarwood oil-based household flea spray called Wondercide. As a lot of y'all probably know, cedarwood oil is a respiratory irritant for snakes, and can be bad for cats as well. The product description states that only western red cedar oil is bad for cats, and because the product contains only eastern red cedar oil, it is safe for use around cats. I am wondering if anyone knows if eastern red cedar oil is a respiratory irritant for snakes like western red cedar oil is. My little snek has been in the garage for a few weeks while we've been spraying the house, but with no end to spraying in sight, and with garage temps dropping as fall rolls in, I'd like to bring him back into my room. I don't want to hurt his little lungs though... Any thoughts?
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2021.09.24 05:53 RedTurtleSoup Class Matches be like

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2021.09.24 05:53 FunkyLlama1409 Imagine you're on wr pace and this happens (the second image is a chest that i dug out from it)

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2021.09.24 05:53 alitness Love and Monsters

Does anyone have Love and Monsters screenplay?
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