I made this thing in response to something Alex tweeted.

2021.09.24 05:12 DoomMustard I made this thing in response to something Alex tweeted.

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2021.09.24 05:12 matrix4x4 Lenovo Thinkbook 14p Gen 2 - 2.8K OLED, 5900HX, 16GB, 1TB - First impressions

Just got my Thinkbook 14p G2 AMD (20YN000PUS). Thrilled to receive it less than 72 hours after ordering it (US delivery).

First Impressions:
I will run some more intensive tests and update this review with performance and thermal results. Really happy with the laptop so far (have only used it for a couple of hours). Let me know if you have any specific questions.
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2021.09.24 05:12 shrekthebest69 Tsunade rp

Hey dm me if you wanna do a Tsunade roleplay I can be ethier Tsunade or anyone else also I'd prefer some futanari but if you don't want to I'm fine if we done
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2021.09.24 05:12 Katinsky One more free code!

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2021.09.24 05:12 Orvisknives What is the uglyiest year of ford trucks f250 and up throughout all years?

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2021.09.24 05:12 456northside Should we go get more of these types of women?

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2021.09.24 05:12 death_or_die 世耕弘成氏が「二階家が世襲なら衆院選に出馬」と宣言 “宣戦布告”で地元・和歌山は大騒ぎに

世耕弘成氏が「二階家が世襲なら衆院選に出馬」と宣言 “宣戦布告”で地元・和歌山は大騒ぎに submitted by death_or_die to newsokuexp [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 05:12 Openbook0022 I love dirty-mouth Adnan Virk

I love that he appears to be sinking into this character of reading fucked up shit at random moments. I could not stop laughing at the end of Cinephile today when he said, "I'll close with this...why don't you suck a fart out of my asshole, you slave-driving fascist." From that Vil Kilmer movie. Man, I laughed so hard. He said that just out of nowhere for no reason and not connected ti anything...maybe in honor of Norm Macdonald. Did anyone else hear that part? I don't always listen to the end.
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2021.09.24 05:12 No_Image_6909 Which milf you fucking?

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2021.09.24 05:12 info_cellar What are some things that only people like you will understand?

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2021.09.24 05:12 Dashk97 Beloved VP CMC exits the game early with 0 TDs, GEQBUS Sam Darnold now has 2 TDs. Is our man the best rusher in the league?

Not even Angry Aaron Jones, Sleepy Saquon, Dirty Derrick Henry, or UnKool Kamara has even half that this week.
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2021.09.24 05:12 wbradleyjr1 North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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2021.09.24 05:12 fofz1776 Which is better? Straight sticks or big sticks

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2021.09.24 05:12 CalligrapherPrize836 Buy more at 0.122-0.127

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2021.09.24 05:12 KdramaDiva Lightly Gifted Olaf in Boxes

I am willing to hold my island to the same date if you want to come tomorrow, so let me know. Otherwise, I think he leaves once I change the date. Fair warning, tho, someone-not-me did give him a pair of overalls which he wears fairly frequently which is weird. But otherwise, pretty vanilla.
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2021.09.24 05:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 05:12 bcg43 My luck yesterday vs my luck today

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2021.09.24 05:12 456northside Everytime I blink she gets even more fine

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2021.09.24 05:12 KnowMatter So what was the first unique you found in live D2R?

I got Bloodfists off of The Smith, my javazon is definitely loving early ias boost.
Then the countess decided to drop a ton of Ral runes while I was farming for my stealth and now I’m in act 2 normal with ancients pledge, that much res that early is pretty OP.
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2021.09.24 05:12 sportsandcomicbooks1 Close up

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2021.09.24 05:12 DillonLaserscope Attempting to figure out Sony Trinitron vs wega on light gun games

Guys, do Sony Trinitrons have differences in how light guns work? My zapper on my Trinitron doesn’t work all the time and my super scope registers not at all.
Also do the inputs on one break more than another? A few years back, video 2 ceased working
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2021.09.24 05:12 satyamkumar2177 Screenshot deserve 100 upvotes

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2021.09.24 05:12 Ookami-desu 🐱LoudSphynx - Stealth Launched Now! Be a part of an early Mooner! Based Devs! Simple Tokenomics. Join the TG Now! 🐱

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2021.09.24 05:12 Athenae44 Family tree theory

Okay so I’ve posted this theory twice but I thought I’d post it by itself.
So let’s start with queen Rita. She’s mentioned in frozen two as king Runeards husband (Elsa’s grandpa) and king agnarrs mother (Elsa’s dad). We see no actual pictures of her so I did some digging. In the picture hall (the one that Anna spends lots of her childhood in) and there’s two picture of a brunette lady I believe to be Rita. (She favours teal dresses in each picture) and in one picture she’s with another lady who looks very similar to her. I believe this to be her sister. But I have no idea who that sister is. Jk, of course I do. It’s the grandmum. Have no idea who that is? That’s all right I’ll explain. She’s the mother of king Roland. Still don’t know who that is? He’s the dad of James and Amber. God it’s embarrassing to say but she’s from Sofia the first (yes I’ve watched ALL the episodes twice). And I believe they’re both from France. So know we know that Anna and Elsa are second cousins of James amber and Sofia. But what if I told you the family tree went ever further? (No not Tarzan) most of you have probably guessed this since it’s probably the most common theory out there. Queen Rita and king Runeard had two more children. Arianna and Willow. Now queen Arianna is the real mother of rapunzel. And as per the series we learn that she had a sister named Willow. And the reason I say queen Rita and the grandmum are Fench is because quen Arianna speaks fluent French.
So recap queen Rita and the grandmum are sisters. Queen Rita has (at least) three children Willow, Arianna and agnarr. Arianna has rapunzel and Agnarr has Anna and Elsa. And the grandmum has Roland who has amber and James as well as a step daughter Sofia.
Anyways thank you for reading for reading hope you enjoyed. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes but my phone practically dead so I don’t have time to edit.
-Hope you have a great day/night Athena-
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