Any class 2 drivers who can drive a truck I am purchasing?

2021.09.24 05:27 Nocturnezbreako Any class 2 drivers who can drive a truck I am purchasing?

Will pay am based in Auckland should be no more then 30 minutes of your time. Would be much appreciated thanks
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2021.09.24 05:27 zeepbridge #Collectionflex

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2021.09.24 05:27 Curious-Attitude-742 🌓 DoXrp 🌗 ~ Low market cap ~ Based dev ~ Marketing ~ Fast listing 🚀 DoXrp fairlaunch in 1 hour 🔥

We're currently sitting on low market cap, we're ready to moon! DYOR guys, be not gonna let you down!.
🌗 We presenting you 🔥 DoXrp🔥 token. This token will have small fairlaunch then we will build bigger and bigger community. Our purpose is to launch clearly with no bots and fast dumps. After launch we are planning to shill this token hard and post some cms posts. At 100-150 members we will launch our website and buy several influencers also some famous telegram groups pins.
The main of DoXrp is not only Dev , not only Team , with investors we will dox, come join the cam party
⚡️Feel the energy
⭐️Dev is full safe and based. He is known others 25x-50x-100x projects
✅We guarantee 100% safe token with anti-bot, anti-dump systems.
👥This is fairlaunch so there is no early buys or whitelists.
🔒Liquidity will be locked and after launch we will send lock proof link.
📘Total supply: 1,000,000,000
📘Max tx: There is no max tx because of we are waiting big safe whales..
📒Rewards: 8% Ripple
📒LP: 1%
📕 Anti-Snipe system
📕 Anti-Bot system
📊 Contract : 0xdfe2f8d1ad6b54a3340fbd372fdad8f8ac8f4c88
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.24 05:27 nate-06 Is this normal or is there something wrong going on?

Is it normal that I get turned on by yuri (lesbian) hentai but not by regular or heterosexual hentai? Same thing goes for "real life" porn.
Don't really know what to think about it so I ask you guys instead.
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2021.09.24 05:27 sanjayped61 #TruthOfShraadh

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2021.09.24 05:27 yourRom10 This one's a stretch

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2021.09.24 05:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 05:27 Willie420MMP Both Worse

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2021.09.24 05:27 Clown_In-The_House I really want the titan war.

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2021.09.24 05:27 ShortAlgo $DATS So much easier with the UltraAlgo delivering Automated Trading across any security. Designed to beat the market..

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2021.09.24 05:27 elite_bruv_is_cool u/TheBlueStarman I FOUND STRIKER MATE

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2021.09.24 05:27 iZFinch [PC] Valkyrie Tactical is recruiting! [21+] [NA][EU]

We’re looking for friendly, mature, and respectful players who share the same mindset.
We are 21+, diverse, work hard and play harder. Discord is our community comms platform so it’s a requirement.
Other requirements: Be an active part of our community: If you’re not here for the community… then why are you here? Don’t cheat: We prefer to earn our accolades. Toxicity: You don't like it... we don't like either... and it will not be tolerated.
Drama: Drama is for the theater... so leave it there. If this sound like something you're looking for in a clan, give us a shout, and let's talk
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2021.09.24 05:27 JackTheJackerJacket I agree with jobs having a zero tolerance drug policy INCLUDING w*ed.

I've noticed in all the talks about legalization that Redditors like to criticize and even get salty about having to stay sober or not find a job that doesn't drug test. Heck, i see that with some of my friends and I just have to pretend I sympathasize but I really do not.
Some jobs in all practicality, really do require a fully cognitive mind and a healthy body. We can argue all day about the supposed health benefits of weed or we can just skip to moderation being the key for most substances. However, let's face the facts. Everything and anything is habit forming if you let it become a main source of pleasure of any kind. I really, dislike that activists say weed is not addictive when it absolutely can be addictive EXACTLY LIKE alcohol, or caffeine, or heroin and meth. If you really need weed to function in a job you are saying you can't function without inhibitions, which is a bit of an oxymoron. That also means, you may have a problem. Because it is not just about you bitching about their drug policy, it is about you bitching about not being sober for at the very fucking least... 8 to 10 hours out of your day.
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2021.09.24 05:27 Edespitiax [For Hire] Character Illustration Comissions Open! DnD, OC's, and more $20

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2021.09.24 05:27 jonredd901 Babies raising adults

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2021.09.24 05:27 Raysbyryan Rain, me, oil canvas (16x20), 2021

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2021.09.24 05:27 veemaximus LPT: If you watch a show or movie over and over, try focusing on the score and not the visuals for a new experience.

My 6 year old son and I constantly rewatch The Mandalorian and for the last view episodes we’ve watched, I’ve only listened to the score. I tune out the dialogue and sound effects. It’s amazing how cool it is to essentially turn a show into a very well done silent movie.
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2021.09.24 05:27 nqmi Parece que tô sentindo ela chegar.

Ano passado minha cabeça derreteu legal: TCC, pandemia, ficar sem pisar na rua por 3 meses (depois comecei a sair pra fazer mercado pelo menos). Eu tinha pensamentos suicidas quase que diariamente, tinha medo de ficar perto da janela pq eu me via pulando, quando passava pelo corredor me via enforcado com a corda de exercícios.
Eu tava apático, não sentia nada. Comecei a querer voltar a sentir a raiva que eu tinha quando era adolescente pra voltar a me sentir vivo. A raiva só me deixou pior.
Essa ano comecei a fazer terapia, comecei a sair de casa para caminhar e pelo menos umas 4 vezes no mês trabalho na empresa, também tomei remédio em crises pesadas e melhorei um pouco.
Até que comprei um apto antigo e resolvi reformar (só problemas e problema financeiro), as crises voltaram com tudo. Não conseguia dormir, teve semana que se dormir 20 horas foi muito, ansiedade, medo, mas pelo menos os pensamentos suicidas tinham parado. Parece que a mente tava tão fudida e cansada que eu esquecia deles.
Até que familiares próximos morreram, um parente muito importante descobriu que tem câncer (2 de uma vez só) e a sombra voltou...
Ando na rua pensando e se eu tropeçar agora na frente desse carro? Dirigindo pensando em bater o carro.. não tô só me vendo morto, já tô me vendo em como posso morrer. Não consegui trabalhar a semana toda pq minha mente não tá funcionando e isso me deixa mais angustiado ainda, tenho relatório pra entregar e não consegui desenrolar, e parece que morrer é uma saída.
Nunca falei desse assunto com a minha psicóloga, só rondei falando que tinha uns pensamentos ruins e contei essa vontade de sentir raiva pra tentar "acordar".
Em 2014 eu tinha esses pensamentos tbm, mas foi por um breve momento, agora é.recorrente mais de um ano que vivo com isso e cada dia mais.
Texto deve tá meio desconexo mas não vou revisar, muitas vezes só vou escrevendo sem pensar, isso me ajuda a desabafar e me controlar ai apago.
Agora já estou mais leve, mas ainda assim vou enviar o texto..
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2021.09.24 05:27 buttholepretzel anon is given a nickname

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2021.09.24 05:27 playfulkizz Holdexfinance review

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2021.09.24 05:27 Free_State634 A Lazy Doodle of Lisa

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2021.09.24 05:27 Champagnepapi1945 Busco quien tenga fotos de ella, cambio por otras de Juárez o se los puedo conseguir, si es bueno puedo donar $10 dlls

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2021.09.24 05:27 Kyradeen Took this way back in January. Edited slightly in Snapseed. Pixel 4a 5g

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2021.09.24 05:27 456northside I can't stop staring at her

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2021.09.24 05:27 Map-Maker-Arcane Friend [20M] lied about me [19M] dying within the next 2-3 years to my other friends.

It’s just as the title said. While this happened a few months ago it’s starting to affect me now because of paranoia. I’m not sure about everyone he told, but he said that I have an illness that will kill me prematurely, and that I have almost outlived my projected lifespan of 20-21 years. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything that would cut my lifespan down at all, I’m still a healthy 19 year old guy who (I hope) has a long life to live ahead of him. For some reason at the time I found out I didn’t really care, and even brushed it off. But now I’m horrified as to why anyone would suggest that their friend was going to die prematurely without there being any mention of that by the person in question. And what I’m even more scared of is why nobody came to me to ask if it was true or offer their support. There was only one person, and she was a girl I was talking to at the time to verify it with me. I clarified that it wasn’t true and that I definitely wasn’t going to die soon. Looking back at our messages I probably didn’t freak out at the time because I was trying to comfort her, but now that I’ve remembered recently I’m both pissed and horrified. Does anyone have an idea on how I should proceed forward? If I should confront them or move on with it and pretend like it didn’t happen? I know who it is because i have a screenshot of the message.
TLDR: My friend lied to my other friends about me dying soon (within the next 2-3 years). I know who did it because I have a screenshot of the message that someone sent me. I don’t know exactly how I should proceed with this though.
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